3 Biggest Mistakes Losing You Money (Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investing, Trading, Exchanges Edition)

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3 Biggest Mistakes Losing You Money (Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investing, Trading, Exchanges Edition)
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**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.
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what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new video to another kill
video if you guys full of information
today we’re gonna be looking at the
three biggest mistakes that are losing
you money in this market would be
breaking down each and every one of
these and I myself have also fallen
victim at a point in time to each and
every one of these so make sure you guys
stay tuned all the way until the end so
you can make sure that you try to avoid
this mistakes the number one thing I
find that helps out is learn from the
mistakes of others so that you don’t
have to make that costly mistake for
yourself as well I learned from other
people I made different mistakes than
you guys can learn from me then go on
ahead and probably end to make your own
mistakes and who knows down the line you
might make a video similar to this as
well but let’s dive in say these these
are sort of going to be in order in
terms of one leads up to the other so
we’re gonna start at the very very
beginning the number one mistake I see a
lot of people make is not using the
right platforms the right exchanges and
the right tools and therefore they’re
losing money either in fees and those
exchanges being hacked several people
lost money because of the security of
the exchange they were using maybe they
got enticed by something maybe you know
something drew them in but they didn’t
really look into it and they didn’t
really have that security in there so I
thought good opportunity for me to
mention some of the ones that I use and
what I’m using to keep myself safe the
different platforms and everything that
I go into so before we dive into that as
always though make sure you guys aren’t
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technical analysis videos that we talked
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analysis more education on how to
actually improve your chances and
succeed in this market so let me know
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something you guys do want to see and of
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videos so you can check back in every
single time we upload a new video but
let’s get started with tool number one
expressvpn now yes trading or investing
in crypto over all very very simple you
don’t really need a lot of things to get
started but there are a few things which
you probably want to invest in
in order to make sure that you are
secure you’re safe and you’re not
running any risks the first one would be
Express VPN to me this is if having a VP
on your computer is a must now depending
where you are you can even use this to
access some exchanges that you can’t in
the country that you’re currently in
that’s one thing that let’s see a lot of
people use it for but to me express VPN
or the reason to use a VPN is just to
make sure you are secure no matter what
network you are in there’s some very
interesting videos online very basic
one-minute videos that show you how
exactly what happens when you use a
public Wi-Fi and how easy it is for any
Wi-Fi that you’re on to get hacked or
for people to access your files and your
information if you aren’t you know
browsing the web putting in your
password stuff on a Wi-Fi network and
the VPN sort of makes that so it’s not
easy for those people to get access to a
computer and it makes you a lot less
vulnerable increases your increases your
safety your security and everything
which is very very important when it
comes to dealing with your investments
and your money now the next one is going
to be buying it these are the exchanges
that I’m currently using and again these
are the biggest exchanges and I usually
recommend sticking to these exchanges
finance to me number one if you guys
want to see the links to all those down
below they all come with some special
bonuses that you can get some free money
signing up and whatnot finance is good
where I buy all coins write all the all
points that I have if they’re on by
Nance then if they’re not on buying it
and I really want them we can go through
separate routes of course that’s always
there for the most part Finance is where
I look to get all coins and then we have
leverage exchanges which is where you
can actually you know leverage trade and
then therefore if you guys know how what
you’re doing we’re a toponce in a second
you can make a lot of money doing that
as well so Finance is what I use for my
all coins then we have buy bit and we
have bit mix which are the two that I
use for actually trading the reason why
I have one on each I start off with BMX
I’m starting to move over into buy bit I
do like the platform and everything but
the reason I have two is for me to be
able to have long term positions and
also short term positions in case I’m
gonna have both open at the same time I
can’t have two bitcoin trades open so
what ends up happening
is I use one on each exchange that’s
sort of why I’m having those again if
you guys want some free money to sign up
to these exchanges then make sure to
check out the link down below so you
guys can stay updated and you guys can
obviously get claim your free bonus you
can claim everything that comes with
that never hurts to make some free money
and again these are in my opinion I
believe in most people will agree most
people that have been in the space for a
while will agree these are the most
trusted platform so if you’re interested
on what exactly you should be using
Express VP as the one I use there’s
another one called Nord VPN in terms of
your VPNs and then exchanges I like
finance I like by a bit and I like a bit
mix now this is a tool that I see a lot
of people not many people get into it’s
another one of my favorites three commas
three commas allows me to create an
account on Finance create an account on
buy bit and then I can link those
accounts on to my three commas so that
everything is on one dashboard I can
access trades on different exchanges all
from this dashboard right here I can
monitor everything they have trading
bots they allow you to set up your
trades and um a lot easier I have videos
on this on the channel and all this can
be done directly on three commas so to
me a big one that a lot of you are
missing out on it’s not expensive
considering what you’re dealing with
which is your investments and how you
want to maximize them and being able to
have access to more information and then
of course I got said they have trading
bots and everything’s that are options
for these as well
highly recommend checking them out their
link will also be in the description
with a special bonus for anybody who
does want to sign up I’ve been using
them for a very very long time everybody
who signed up to them has really enjoyed
it as well and it’s come to be one of
those tools that I think a lot of people
are missing out on and missing
opportunities just by not being involved
in – then the second thing this number
one was a pretty big topic of course
having the right exchanges the right
tools the right things to back you up
and to make sure you are maximizing your
returns maximizing your security and
everything number two I’ve noticed big
mistake people make that’s causing them
money is not really knowing what you’re
doing and that comes in very that’s
haizen well with the actual exchanges
that we talked about where we have these
exchanges by binbin mechs particularly
where you can leverage trade a lot of
people here you can make a lot of money
leveraged trading that’s very true
kid the fact that you can leverage it
means that you can make way more money
than you would have if you were not
using them the problem is only people
that know what they’re doing usually end
up making money sometimes you have the
one-off fluke that you were successful
but then you get that confidence you try
again again realizing you don’t know
what you’re doing because you’re gonna
keep losing money the reason why they
say what is it 98% of traders lose 97%
of traders lose if you took only the
statistic of people who actually knew
what they were doing it would be
different not a hundred percent of the
people we’re going to make money
obviously it’s never going to be the
case but I guarantee you it wouldn’t be
98 percent of people lose money
the reason 98 percent of people lose
money there’s a lot of people that don’t
know what they’re doing are just diving
into this because they’ve heard a rumor
that it does well they seems to do well
for somebody else they dive into it not
really knowing what they’re doing sort
of guessing trying to convince
themselves that they think bitcoins
going up for no real reason they know
there’s no real substance behind what
they think and then they end up losing
money so very important when it comes to
knowing what you’re doing is either
learn first use a paper trading account
bid make stuff offers a paper trading
account which is fake money that they
put on your account basically that
allows you to trade as if it were real
money but you’re not really making or
losing any money it’s all fake so you
can test it out and test your strategy
see if you actually know what you’re
doing and if you can consistently be
successful that or there are a lot of
other people out there who you can
follow I’m not just saying myself
obviously I have my own stuff I will
talk about in just a second but there’s
a lot of people out there if you don’t
want to use my stuff that’s totally okay
you do not have to but there’s a lot of
other people you can follow you can
learn from their courses there are their
group memberships whatever there’s a
bunch of places where you can invest
your time and money into learning to
what to do or how to do things so that
you can again increase your chances of
success long term I did mention again
not going to stick on this for a long
time just briefly mentioned I do post
every single one of the trades that I
enter in the trade alert group we have
all coin trades we have leverage trades
and we have the number one community in
the cryptocurrency space full of people
ready and able to answer any questions
that you have like I said I post every
single one of the trades that I enter in
here so people can simply take
information either copy it use their own
technical analysis to adjust their own
trade whatever it is you want to do with
that information I give you guys stop
losses take profits entry price updates
everything that goes on to me with it
when it comes to me entering a trade and
if you guys doing a copy it it simply
takes two to three minutes and
everything is set up for you
so profits are taken automatically as
well and it becomes very very passive we
also have a 14-day free trial so good
news if you’re interested in this and
you do of course want to try this out
but you don’t know if you’re you know
you don’t know if you want to spend
money on it that’s totally ok 14-day
free trial if you guys cancel before
your 14 days is over you’re not going to
get charged it’s very simple you get two
weeks access to the group for free if
you don’t like it cancel and you won’t
be charged it breaks all barriers if for
people that are interested isn’t again
do you want to have something to
supplement if you want to make some
money with your actual portfolio you can
copy the trades that I have so that’s
gonna be number two not knowing what
you’re doing is a very big one that
costs a lot of people a lot of money
it’s either makes them lose money or not
knowing what they’re doing could even
hinder them and stop them from making
more money now the last one but not
least very very important fear of
missing out and also not capitalizing on
opportunities as I mentioned this a
little bit in one of my previous videos
where I talked about the my top five all
coins again that was just five of the
ones that I like there’s more and then
obviously I can make future videos and
talk about different ones but one thing
I wanted to hit home on and I focused on
a lot during that video was the fact
that people don’t look for opportunity
right people look for this is what most
people do go into 24 hour change or what
a lot of people do but notice that
specific this time it’s engine it’s not
fair I like engine let’s say neck so for
example right
it might be a great crypto but let’s say
it’s pumping 30 percent in one day all
of a sudden people are gonna be jumping
into next so trying to make that 30
become 60 be like oh it’s already up 30
maybe I can ride it to 50 and then it
dumps on them right and they end up
losing money that’s because they weren’t
chasing opportunity they were chasing
the fear they had the fear of missing
out on the pump that was already
happening and it had already gone by if
you miss that opportunity that’s okay
what you should be looking for is
new opportunities identifying the
positions that you can actually get into
comfortably hold for a longer period of
time and make money and those holds one
of the ones I talk about a lot is engine
why did I talk about engine because I
believe it’s undervalued I believe for
everything that’s been able to do if it
had the hype and everything backing it
like a lot of these big name all coins
do it would be in the top ten maybe the
top 15 but I think it could even be in
the top 10 given all the partnerships
and everything that it’s done in the
past instead it’s currently ranked at
number 54 with an 88 million dollar
market cap it’s very very undervalued so
to me right there opportunity right the
opportunity to get into something that I
believe is worth much more very very
very low price because it’s not height
that is something I think a lot of
people miss out on and if you want to
capitalize on actually making money in
any market right the traditional market
stock market if you want to do real
estate if you want in the crypto market
identifying opportunity is very very
important being able to see that
opportunity being able to see something
that’s undervalued that you can get in
and then you can watch it grow into what
you believe it’s worth sometimes you’ll
be right sometimes you’ll be wrong in
that again that’s gonna come practice is
gonna come in your own research is gonna
come in a lot of things are gonna play
factors in that the being able to
identify opportunity is probably to me
the number one thing that’s going to
separate people from being successful
investors and making money in this
versus the people that are not going to
be successful and are not going to make
money in this so hopefully this guy this
did give you guys a little bit of more
information as to what I look for how to
set things up I tried to make this sort
of in order so it goes from number one
the tools in the exchanges then number
two into actually knowing what you’re
doing and finding out how people that
can actually guide you and help you
through this and then last but not least
being able to actually being able to
actually identify the opportunities for
yourself and then grow your portfolio
from there so hopefully that was
informative hopefully you guys did enjoy
if you did don’t forget as always leave
a thumbs up on the video leave a comment
down below letting me know what you guys
think and what other questions you have
or what different type of videos do you
guys want to see and I’ll see you guys
back on Monday for another video

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