Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Trade Cryptocurrencies Easily! (2020)

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🎥: Top 4 Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies For Beginners!
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In this video I give my top 4 exchanges for buying Bitcoin & general cryptocurrencies! These exchanges are aimed at beginner to intermediate level people in the crypto space. These are the best crypto exchanges in my opinion, do you agree? Please leave a comment below 🙂
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yes guys welcome back to the channel as
always so guys in today’s video I’m
gonna go through the top 4 cryptocurrency exchanges I would use if I was
a beginner so for beginners if you’re
just getting into crypto these exchanges
will allow your put to something here as
well they will allow you to get in get
out do everything you need to do easily
atomic swaps buying selling and I will
go into some leverage 1 leveraged
trading platform as well if you want to
go more advanced but it’s for beginners
and then maybe moving on the into
intermediate level to make money and buy
and sell crypto is in general but you
guys without further ado let’s go on the
screens are basic buy lap – in front of
me now I’m gonna whisk through them
really quickly right now now right guys
so in no particular order let’s go
through the best exchange is crypto
currency exchanges for beginners so the
first exchange I’m gonna talk about is
coin based now coinbase have been around
for but they actually one of the longest
standing exchanges it wasn’t the first
exchange I use but coinbase have you
know they’ve got themselves in a in a
position where they’re very very trusted
very secure and they’ve never been
so coinbase you can buy and sell as you
can see here you can buy bitcoin of fear
and bitcoin cash and like coin you click
buy and all those they’ve got a lot of
other assets as well but let’s go
through the main page so they’ve also
got this thing called crypto earn which
you can actually earn up to one hundred
and sixty six dollars worth of crypto
for free all you’ve got to do is learn
about specific cryptocurrencies so
perfect for beginners in the space to
come and have you know read about you
can earn up to fifty dollars with EOS
tell us
so why not tell us some tezo’s orchid
and also Stella Loomis as well so you
know and fifty dollars on those you can
create a nice cryptocurrency portfolio
and they’ve basically got some pretty
cool stuff I’ll go into a second where
you can like look up and put them
certain funds into vaults and basically
most trotters cryptic ray it probably is
one of the most trusted cryptocurrency
platforms so let’s have a look quickly
so you got prices you can click on this
and get all the price all the coins
these the ones you can trade so you
can’t buy a few of them but they’ve got
pretty much like you can see you can see
all the coins all the assets here you
can trade them buy and sell they’ve got
other products as well guys so you’ve
got coin base which is the main buy and
sell you all the wallet we can store
your cryptocurrencies look at this
quickly now so with the wallet guys you
can actually download it onto your
mobile you can secure the app and store
your crypt over yourself whole plethora
of different assets you can store and
I’m pretty sure they have a way you can
like look it up in a
vault and stuff about the coinbase
wallet overall guys this exchange you
know it’s pretty self-explanatory I
don’t reads to go into it that much
here’s what the exchange looks like when
you’re actually logged in as you can see
he can buy the assets here and they have
atomic swap so you can click on trade
you can basically convert any
cryptocurrency you want to say Bitcoin
USD here etherion whatever you do you
can actually just convert them a point
of pay up that on this basically you
click basically a convert aetherium
and I’ll do a tommix wat fee which means
you don’t have to like go and mess
around with order books all that kind of
stuff this one looks like it’s logged in
you’ve got your accounts here your earn
program and also yeah you can get up
eight eight pounds free if you use my
link I put in a description now let’s
move on to the coin base pro this is for
more advanced users now I use this quite
a lot for buying and selling into my
actual bank because the coin base have a
really good system where you can buy and
sell with separ and also with a swift I
think it’s called Swift and yes I say
the most trusted critical platform
buying cryptocurrencies this is a
slightly more advanced users but you can
come on here you can actually get good
order books like I said this isn’t
really for beginners but again you can
start with coin base and you can move on
to this and start using this if you do
you know get more into this but yeah
this is this is actually a proper
exchange where you can like put in limit
orders you can put you know you can even
trade on it as well and they’ve also got
other products you can do mid leverage
but very very good as a next step if you
want to get more into cryptocurrencies
overall they’re guys I would highly
recommend using coinbase coin mace is
one of the only exchanges I actually
leave funds in because I’m actually I
trust them that much and also they have
a thing called coin based card as well
so you can actually put funds into this
wallet you can get a debit card and get
them in the UK at the moment they’ll be
all around the world soon and then you
can actually go and spend your
cryptocurrency in stores in shops at the
point of payment as well in retail so
it’s a one-stop shop for everything
really simple to use
I’ll put a code at the bottom now to
sign up for coin base and get $10 free
and basically can then use that but
you’ll get some cryptocurrencies are
free basically you can spend that do
whatever but yeah highly recommend
checking out so let’s move on to the
next exchange as well so the next
exchange I want to talk about is buy
Nance now Finance are a little bit they
came a bit later than coin base and they
had a huge craze when the big ICO run
happened when the OLT coins are going
crazy back in 2017
that’s when Finance really got its hold
in the market and again very very good
exchange and a lot more choice so
they’ve got
they’ve literally got every single asset
you could ever think of what you want to
trade right now in cryptocurrency
every single altcoin you name it guys
the list goes on for days you can just
look at this like bang if you want to
trade someone jizz on finances probably
a shit coin so at the end of the day
like you can come here you can trade
every single asset you can buy with your
card all this kind of stuff so that you
can buy crypto you can buy the USD
amount here so you can buy with your car
oh sorry that’s the current system both
so USD AUD you name it guys every
currency Under the Sun you can buy with
you can sell into your bank as well you
can convert so basically you can do very
similar to a coin base house you can
convert an amount of a cryptocurrency
into anything you want open what’s going
on now if the login for that I went by
the logging in to that but as you can
see guys you can buy sell convert with
your card you can buy your
cryptocurrency put it into the exchange
and turn it into anything you want you
can also go a market so think about this
exchange I would say that it’s slightly
is ot intermediary intermediate sorry
can’t speak so basically this exchange
does have you know order books this kind
of stuff very simple to use though guys
you know if you want to buy and sell you
most you guys are probably no market buy
or look if you look I think the thing
about limit orders is this right if the
price of an asset isn’t a price you like
and you want to get it cheaper set a
limit order so set the price you think
you want to buy that asset for and then
eventually if the price comes down to
that you will buy it for that price you
get what you want basically the only
issue is the limit order you might not
get that price it might it might keep
going up but markets are generous guys
they give you lots of opportunities to
keep trading the same price points you
know that’s another whole topic but as
you can see it looks a little bit more
advanced but it doesn’t take a long time
to get the hang of how this works it’s
very simple and it may give you that
kind of access this is kind of like it’s
like a coin based Pro they’re kind of
similar in that respect also you got
guys you’ve got a whole other load of
services so you can um you can do basic
advanced margin they also have futures
as well I did a video with the guys who
created this product on the channel I’ll
put a video at the top now I can go
check it out
futures a little bit more is a lot more
advanced I’d say actually futures is
risky you can trade on leverage so you
can actually like you know
multiply up your gains and obviously
multiply up your risk basically you can
make more money but you can also lose
more money I don’t recommend check
trying this yet before you do any of it
watching tutorials and actually do a
year of paper trading before you
actually trading with your own money but
like I said I put the visit top now you
can check out that financed futures
video where they go into more detail
about this as well
so overall guys really good exchange
they also have earn as well I think
coinbase has this as well so lending and
staking oh yes taking as well but that’s
that’s a little bit more advanced so I’m
don’t worry about that but really get
exchanged if you’re a beginning to come
and actually get your cryptocurrencies
and like I said they got all the assets
you will need like I said before all the
links will be in the description below
you can get like certain discounts and
bonuses using my affiliate links I am
affiliate of Finance so you can get
discount all that kind of stuff phenom
yeah finance is a really good exchange
they’re known in the community
you probably have any problems and the
guy who runs it’s guy called C Z or Z
Zed he’s the runner and he’s always in
liked on coin telegraph it’s a big
exchange you could definitely use it as
well so let’s move on to the next one
not in no particular order so this in
exchange a lot you guys might not
actually know but I actually have used
this quite a lot of times in the past
and it’s called bit Panda now a bit
pandas out of Germany it’s kind of like
the coin base of Germany really easy to
use really good decent exchange they’ve
got pretty much all the same things
everything else house they’ve got their
buying they’re selling right they’ve got
that easy buy and sell they’ve also got
their bit their bit Panda Pro which is
similar to coin based pro again guys you
can buy with your card you can do all
the same things but bit panda have a lot
less fees the fees are lower then
finance and coinbase I’m not gonna lie
to you guys I think bit bit Panna take
about 1.5 percent for a Buy and come on
basically take up to 3 percent so you do
save money I have used this this
exchange before really good clean
interface good customer service no
problems in my opinion it’s basically
the coin base of Germany as you can see
here they’ve got bit pan to swap the pan
of savings you name it guys everything
you could want your the prices you can
click on buy bitcoin it will take you to
the screen very simple you can buy the
card all the same kind of stuff the
prices going up with a minute nice to
see that I don’t really need to go into
much detail guys I just put the link in
description you guys can come and check
it out and use it yourself and like I
said guys that the fees are cheaper than
so if you know you know in a weird way
you know you could say that there’s no
there’s no point not using it but
coinbase to have a few other the
security behind it it’s up to you guys
I’m not going to put words in your own
mouth saying what you should use is just
a video showing you all the exchanges
out there which I use basic
and good for beginners so that was the
three exchanges which are good for
beginners the last exchange I’m gonna
show you is actually a leverage margin
exchange and it’s the one I use for
basically trading the markets more I
would say with more risk at the end of
the day guys like you don’t need
leverage when you’re trading pit coinage
it moves enough already
but if you do have experience in trading
you do know what you’re doing then I do
recommend having a look at these but I’m
like I said you need to know what you’re
doing because 70% of people who trade on
these type of products do lose money you
got overs put into your perspective can
you rescue that can you risk being one
of those guys and seventy percent it’s
riskier and a lot of the time there’s a
lot of manipulation going on so I’m not
recommending that you do this but if you
do want to do it this is the exchange I
would use so guys this exchange is
called vibe it now by bit are relatively
new they came out and around a year ago
maybe a year and a half ago when the
price of Bitcoin was quite low actually
it happened just before the crash and
they basically learned from a lot of the
other other exchanges liberating mistake
I’m leveraged trading exchangers
mistakes you know by bit is another one
as well not by bit so a bit mix another
one as well they’ve got problems with
overloads all this kind of stuff but we
won’t go into that basically by bit I
use for a few reasons for it’s it’s they
cover you as well so you know they have
set liquid liquidation so if you are
really beginner you can’t light your bit
mix you can just gonna lose it all but
they set you kind of like default
liquidations because there are a lot of
noobs in the space I’m not gonna lie but
yeah guys you can buy and sell basically
the asset so Bitcoin aetherium eos and x
RP usually got tether as well you can
buy them with up to 100 times leverage
so like I said guys this is risky but
what it means you can do is you can
multiply your gains and also you I’m not
the like guys you do multiply it down
your losses so really really good thing
you can actually get $90 free as well at
the minute if you use my link below it’s
like an affiliate code and you can
basically get $90 free in the exchange
to trade with and then hopefully can
like you know what that up and make some
money out of that but yet trust and
transparent guys like the innovative
teams good he we came from the
traditional he came from the traditional
brokerage space actually he’s known he’s
good obviously they’re based out of
seashells but that’s another thing they
all are but overall the
team is decent you can’t unring trading
platform I can’t think about this
platform as they can actually execute a
hundred thousand trades per second bit
mix can’t do that they get a lot of
problems with overloads but they’ve got
some promotions going like I said so you
got the affiliate programs referral
plugins you can use but overall guys
this is click on trade have a look at
the exchange then so this is what it
looks like guys as you can see it says
buy and sell here you can buy on
leverage you can choose your leverage up
here so you can go all the way down to
1x or it’s 100 X and basically leverage
is just away in my opinion of just like
using risk it’s a way of managing risk
as well especially if you’re hedging but
it’s a way of multiplying V gains
basically you can get 10 times more than
you want but I look at in a slightly
different way crypto looks good right
now we’re going up so if you you know if
you bought here and you keep going you
know it’s it you know the guys I’m not
gonna tell you how to trade in this
video but I’ve got some other videos
about that as well I put V at the top
but overall guys this is would be the
exchange I would use for leverage
trading right now there are some up and
comers I’m not saying this is always
going to be the best one I’m just saying
right now in crypto this is the one I
would use but that guys that is it they
are the for exchanges I would use for
beginnings in the cryptocurrency space
all the links will be in description so
you can go and use them but that’s
literally a guy’s like I always say like
subscribe hit the bell you want to keep
gain this kind of content smash the bell
guys it keeps you notified so you don’t
miss a video and I will literally see
you guys in the next one have a good day
guys Cheers

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