Copy Trading for Crypto - How It Works, How to Profit

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Copy Trading for Crypto – How It Works, How to Profit — Looking at the Markets with David Moadel
hello and welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell I love to
trade crypto currencies Bitcoin etherium
ripple all the big ones and I also like
to trade like the experts now one way to
do that is you can try to trade manually
and that’s okay there’s nothing wrong
with that but what about if there’s a
platform where you can trade not only
manually but also semi-automatically
where you can copy the signals of other
traders expert traders or even fully
automatically where you can do copy
trading which is totally hands-off zero
effort you just let the copy trader do
the work for you well there is a
platform that has all of those
opportunities it is called signal easy
IGN a ly comm you can type it into your
browser or you can go to the link in the
description below this video you can
click on it it’ll take you right there
so what is signal e it is a platform
that allows you again you could do the
manual trading that’s fine there’s also
semi-automatic trading with signals but
the real focus is on copy trading that’s
something where signally really
differentiates itself from all the
competitors because with copy trading
you don’t need to manage anything just
choose a top trader from a menu of
traders you can choose from with the
profits in the long term allocate your
investments and that’s it zero settings
zero management their mojo their
advantage is that they’re dealing with
the top traders in the most trusted
exchanges like banants COO coin ex-mo
there’s a big list and the results in
the platform are awesome so if the
person that you’re copying
makes let’s say 12% profits you would
make 12% profits that’s how it works
with signally finally copy trading for
cryptocurrency copy expert traders
activity automatically on your account
100% hands-off no settings no hassles
you can start now for free with a 30 day
trial no credit card no credit card
required at all for this trial
definitely want to check it out so what
does it look like well what you would do
is you would log in but first you have
to sign up first you have to go to
signal and sign up and then you
can go to the trading terminal which is
what you’re looking at right here and
then you should check out the providers
now here are the signal providers
that’s semi automatic basically you get
the signals from the expert traders and
you can choose from Bitcoin aetherium
Ripple there’s a whole menu here of what
you can choose from and then you shop
for the signal provider that you want to
use and as you can see there are many to
choose from pick the one that you like
the best now those are signal providers
that semi-automatic if you want it fully
automatic with no effort no hassles from
you at all
checkout the copy trading and look at
the choices again copy trading gives you
many choices to get in many copy traders
that are experts and you can just let
them do the trading do the research for
you and you would just automatically
copy their trades through the signally
platform and again it does not have to
be Bitcoin it could be a theory em
ripple you have a whole menu here to
choose from and then you can also make
more money potentially from the
affiliate program you would just have to
sign up for every account that you send
to signally through the affiliate link
you’ll receive a 20% recurring
every month that’s another way you can
profit from
signally but you have to get started you
have to sign up first you can click on
try it free or you can start now for a
free 30-day trial how does it work
well it’s proportional when you set your
desired total balance the platform will
operate using the same percentage
balance from the total amount that the
trader you’re copying is using so the
results will be proportional when the
one you’re copying makes money you make
money that’s how it works is it
difficult not at all first three steps
connect the exchange select the trader
no settings needed no position edits
it’s all 100% managed by the trader that
you’re copying and then allocate your
funds that you want to invest and it
will operate in proportional to whoever
you’re copying real results using copy
trading get the same results as the
expert crypto traders by just copying
them settings strategy and risk
management it’s all on their side it’s a
hundred percent hands-off with the copy
trading it’s a keep it simple vision
endorsed by the numbers the total Tralee
total trading volume in millions of USD
in the last 30 days 43 million so this
is popular it is growing and I recommend
you check it out try signally today for
free with unlimited features start your
free 30-day trial signally a platform
for day trading cryptocurrencies
automatically with the crypto trading
bots or manual mode or you can use the
signals which is semi-automatic buy and
sell Bitcoin or a number of other crypto
currencies from the menu with full
automated trading if that’s what you
want to try signal e has it copy trading
for crypto currency you should check it
out you can go to signal e
calm or click in the link in the
description below this video definitely
worth checking out and again you can
make money from these signally
affiliates program 20% recurring
commissions every month many ways to
make money choose how you want to do it
manually through the signal providers or
through fully automatic copy training of
experts if they make money you’re making
money with them and many many to choose
so if you’re ready to give it a try if
you’re ready to check it out free 30 day
trial signal check it out my name
is David Modell this is looking at the
markets I’m going to keep on bringing
you amazing ways to potentially profit
and this is one way to make it very very
simple very easy 30 day trial why not
sign up and try it today thank you so
much I’ll talk to you again soon

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