Earn Free Bitcoins with CoinPayU + Withdrawal

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How to Earn Bitcoin with CoinPayU
REGISTER: https://bit.ly/CoinPayU-PTC

1:09 – CoinPayU Overview
1:29 – Requirements to Earn
2:27 – CoinPayU Dashboard Introduction
3:06 – How to Earn bitcoins
7:00 – Proof of Withdrawals
7:40 – Live Withdrawal

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Yo! What’s up
Sorry, it took me awhile to upload a new content
was a bit occupied lately.
anyway, today i’ll be sharing you
a new website
where we can earn
yes, FREE bitcoin
interested? 🙂
if you’re watching this video
and you haven’t subscribed yet.
please do so.
what’s keeping you? 🙂
ok, will prepare my stuff now.. will be right back after the introduction
heyyy.. there you are
you’re in Chiuya.com’s
Living the Trend, Youtube channel
Let’s go directly to the site
The name of the website is
You will be paid with coins… For every
ads the you will click and view.
yes… you will be paid with bitcoins
ok before we start these are the things you need.
No.1 of course you need to have a BTC wallet
BTC wallet like Coins.ph. If you don’t have that one yet,
you can find the link down on the description below
on where to download the app
and No.2 you need to have… of course a PC
or a smartphone to do this
and No. 3, you should be hooked up to the internet
ok, so lets go back to the site.
This is the site… CoinPayU website
This site is a PTC website
PTC meaning “Pay-to-Click”
if you haven’t registered yet
You can find the link below to register
and if you want to follow along
feel free to pause this video for a moment…
once you have done signing up
let’s go back to the…
dashboard of the site
let’s log in
this is my account.
log in
so i’ll be giving you a brief overview of
CoinPayU… and at the same time.
since I’ve reached the minimum requirement for withdrawal
I’ll be doing a live withdrawal also
so… this is the websites
so we have the main balance
which I currently have 10k+ worth of satoshi already
bitcoin satoshi
how do we earn?
it’s easy to earn in here
just click on View Ads
the Surf Ads
right now
every ad you see in here
is worth this amount of bitcoin
just click on the Ad
and after 60s
you will be reward with 21 satoshis
ok lets try to do some Ad
lets try…
so you can see how it works
and how we earn… so lets check again our
previous earnings
so we can verify. i currently have 10,149
then lets go back to…
Click on the Ad
Waiting time here is
60s depending on the specified time
posted on the Ad
you can do this
in parallel to what you usually do
like watching youtube
timer will continue to run
you’ll see the timer here
so just do your thing
lets wait for the timer to end
… this will be a brief
overview of the site
k so after the timer ends
you will see a
google recaptcha
or other form of verification
to check that you’re not a bot
k. so..
3 – 2 is…
what.. 🙂
?!? was it wrong?
k. so…
there you go.
we tried it 3x
probably some
latency on my connection
so we gained 21 satoshis
let’s check if it added to my
main balance.. Yes it did, it’s now 10,172
that simple
just click on those Ads
you can do this straight in one sitting
or you can do this alternately
with what you usually do
that’s how easy it is to earn bitcoin
by viewing ads. easy right?
so if you’ve reached
10k satoshi, which is their minimum requirement
you can then withdraw
to your BTC wallet or Coins.PH wallet
ok.. so what else is in store here?
they also have Offers
but I don’t really do Offers here
I do offers on
site since they have bigger conversion rate
both are similar, but I prefer the other site
but if you like,
you can try it here
next is Advertise
if you have a website or earning sites that you wish to advertise
you can do it here
just create a new advertisement but you need pay for that
so this is sort of one of the
income of CoinPayU
then we have the History
in here
you’ll see your
so far I have withdrawn 5x
I registered…
hmm.. when was it
… since November 2019
ok, then Profile.. and that’s it
easy money? 🙂
so from time to time, the also
give voucher codes
to earn you more
that’s it
so let’s go for withdrawal
so to Withdraw, go back to Dashboard
then click Withdraw
I already have here my
btc address
I’ll be…
withdrawing 10k worth of
bitcoin satoshis
to my Coins.PH address
the withdrawal here
is NOT Instant by the way
It would take around
2-3 days
I’ll be posting a screenshot
if my withdrawn
amount arrives as proof
that the site is still paying
k so lets go ahead and withdraw
A request to withdraw 10k to my address
has been created before you confirm
please verify information below
this is correct
oh wait.. this has space… nope
ok confirmed
that’s it
will be processed before 4/29
?!? 4 days..
[received payment from CoinPayU after 12hrs from withdrawal]
so far they are still paying
ok so that’s it. lets go back to the Dashboard
and my Main Balance now is
why there’s 3, since…
I made a full amount withdrawal
full withdrawal
so… CoinPayU
is a way to earn small bits of bitcoins
since this is
just a free site with no investment required
a small return
so this site is not for those
who want to earn BIG returns
this is not for those users
who want BIG
INCOME… but if you like, I have
previous videos
and future videos
that requires
investment… and those are legit sites
and so far still around and paying
ok so, i’ll be showing them to you
or you can check my links below
since I’ve listed most of them… so.. i guess that’s it.
Thank you very much! Take Care!

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