Get Free Bitcoins 2020 Without Investment

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Get Free Bitcoins 2020 Without Investment + 50$ Giveaway
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Hello guys, Welcome.. I am Dennis. And today we are going to talk about how you can earn free bitcoins on a daily basis. Yes you can earn free bitcoins. All you have to do is sign up to this site with your email. The link is in the description. You do not require any verification to register for this site. After you reach a minimum threshold, you can withdraw your balance to your wallet. This site is legit and has been operating for several years now. Providing easy payments and simple workspace. Being the first video of my channel, I am doing a giveaway worth 50$ worth of bitcoins or 500K Satoshis distributed to 5 subscribers of this channel. So for more on this, I will be explaining at the end of this video, so stay tuned guys. So now lets get into how we can earn these free bitcoins. Hello guys, Welcome back! So the first thing you have to do is find the link to the site of the video of the website which I am mentioning here. And the link you will find, as you are watching this youtube video, if you go scroll down on the description you will find the link to the site. So your first step is to click on that link. Your first step will be to click on this link. And this will open up a new page. This will open up the site which we are talking about. So guys go ahead and click on that link. Once you click on that link, this website will open up and all you have to do is you press on sign up. And then you will have to put in your email and your password, to register for this site. So I am going ahead and I am putting my email here. And by the way guys if you read on top here, it says hotmail, yahoo and other emails are not accepted cause sometimes it gives problems. So I would recommend you use Gmail. And that is what I am using as well. So you can read on top here it says hotmail, they do not recommend us to use hotmail and others. So Ive typed my email which is gmail and the password. And on bitcoin address you can leave it empty at the moment. So with your email and password in place, press on signup and register. Then you will have to login to the site one more time. Press on Sign in, and put in your email and password one more time. So here its asking me for a mathematical question which is like a captcha. Its asking me 3 into 2, which is 6. So i put down 6. With that press login. So Now you finally made it inside the site. So you can start earning right away. You can either go to “surf ads” or you can click on “start earning btc”. and that will take you to the page where you have options. You can either surf ads. Right now its asking me for another mathematical question. So 2 into 5 is 10. Put that in. Press “Submit”. So here its showing me that I have around 29 sites that i can visit today, worth 161 Satoshis. So its so simple guys. Can you see the start button here. All you have to do is press on start. That will open up another site here, which of the advertisement of a website. So for watching ads, you are getting rewards as satoshis. Let that ad open in the other page. You come back to your main page. The adbtc page. Wait for the timer to run out. And you just wait for the timer to run out. And after few seconds, your reward satoshis will be credited to your balance. So once that’s done, the page will refresh itself. And you will see that your satoshis are credited to your balance. If they ask you any more mathematical question, just put in the answers. Press submit. And you will come back to the page where you have a start button again. Press on start. And you have to repeat the whole process. Where you press start, and another advertisement will open in another page. You can come back to the main adbtc page. and wait for few seconds. and the balance, the satoshis will be credited to your balance. and you will have to just repeat the whole process again and again till the advertisements are finished. When your advertisements on the surf ad section is completed, you have an alternate option to come down to “active window surfing” section. and there you will find few more ads from which you can earn few more satoshis. and to earn here, its just as simple as the previous one. there will be couple of offers put in there. you click on one of them. it will open another page. but this time around you cannot go back to your main adbtc page. you will have to wait in this advertisement window till the timer runs out, which is on top as you can see. and once that finishes, there will be a captcha saying click on one of the images which is similar. and you click on one of those images. and that will give you the reward satoshis. and you are done with it! than you can go back to the main adbtc page. and repeat the same process for this section as well. so once you have watched all of the ads, you will get a message saying you have watched all of the ads for today. and you can login several times a day to see more ads. the website will refresh another set of ads for you to watch. and now I will talk about how you can withdraw from this site! so to withdraw, you just click on withdraw, which is on your left side menu. and you have the option to send your satoshis to either faucethub or to another btc address. so to create an account on faucethub all you have to do is go to and make an account there. and if you wanna transfer your coins to a btc address there are several btc wallets that you can create account on. i would suggest you make it on coinbase. thats where i have my account in. so you just to click on the link there. if its on faucethub, you click on faucethub and put in your address. your wallet address there. or if its another account, another wallet that you using, you click on btc address and you put in your btc address there. and click on withdraw! and that’s how simply you can just your balance to your wallet. Guys, it is not hard thing to do to make an account on this site, and start earning. It is not hard thing to create your bitcoin wallet for beginners. It might seem like a hectic thing to do, if you haven’t done it. But believe me when I say that, when you start doing it, the whole process is very simple and easy. So for the giveaway guys. 50 dollars worth of bitcoins, which in todays price is roughly around 500K satoshis, which I will be giving to five of my subscribers who would have completed all the steps that are required to be eligible for the giveaway. so firstly, you will have to like the video and subscribe to the channel. secondly, you have to register to the bitcoin site that i have mentioned in this video, and earn at least 2000 satoshis, which will roughly take around 3 to 4 days. and in the comment section, go down to the comment section, and write down the email you have used to register for the bitcoin site. i will use that email to contact the winners of this giveaway. so that’s it guys. All the best! Good luck for the giveaway as well. and everyone is free to participate in this give away. and i will be uploading soon. If you have any questions you can always message me, or comment down in the comment section. Thanks for watching. And I will see you in the next time!

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