$34,000 GIVEAWAYS: Earn Crypto on RPG Game Cryptornado WEMIX

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Okay. So, hello guys
This is Jhazel de Vera
and welcome back to my channel
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and the notification bell
So that you can watch all types of videos about home-based jobs
and anything from which you can earn online
For today’s video, I’ll be introducing WEMIX launching promotion
a sustainable blockchain game service
Where you can play high-quality games
Like this one, which is CrypTornado
It’s actually an RPG game it’s not a simple mini-game
And what’s good about this is that you can earn cryptocurrencies
and you can convert it in real money
Upon launching, they’re giving away a total of 200,000 Klay
and 4,000,000 Wemix
So, that’s their tokens
In this video, I’ll be explaining how to participate in their giveaways
This is actually their official website
and we’ll be going here to the Wemix wallet
Once you get here you’ll see their promotion
and now let’s check out the details
This is the Airdrop giveaway details
There are many ways to participate in this event
You can complete different missions by playing Bingo, like this
And also by collecting game tokens, as you can see from this page
and also by pre-registering for crypto games, which is expected to be launched very soon
Klaytn cryptocurrency is listed at Upbit in Singapore and Indonesia
This is the exchange platform
Where you can see the Klaytn token
The reason why it’s important to work hard for this giveaway is
because they’re giving away $34,000 total
Together with this giveaway, they’re giving 4,000,000 Wemix
The Wemix token is a cryptocurrency that is hosting for this promotion
but it still isn’t listed in the exchange platforms
So while it’s still developing it’s better to collect lots of Wemix tokens
and who knows maybe it’ll get bigger
I’m pretty sure you’re interested about how to participate in this event
And now let’s proceed with the procedures
The first thing is to signup for a Wemix wallet
Let’s click signup here on the side
The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will show up
Just check them all and signin with your Google account
The next step is entering our password
Take note that this password won’t be able to be reset
The next step is creating an ID
It must be 4-12 alphanumeric characters
That’s it our Wemix wallet is created
Here it’ll show us our wallet address
Now, let’s go to the events page
Now let’s see step by step on how to participate in their Airdrop
Step 1, we’ve already registered for our Wemix account
and upon registering you’ll instantly receive 100 Wemix tokens
Step 2, log in to Wemix wallet every 3 hours and receive 50 Wemix tokens
Every three hours we should log in so that we can collect lots of Wemix tokens
And step 3 – this is what we’ll be doing now since we’re done with step 1 and 2 –
Use Wemix tokens in the Shop to buy Gift tokens. Open them to get letters and game tokens.
Now we’re in the shop. Just click Shop in the main menu.
Just scroll down and you’ll see that we’ll be able to purchase one of their giftbox
It is the CRYPTORNADO Gift Box 1
We have to buy the CRYPTORNADO Gift Box using our Wemix tokens
As I said a while ago, we earn Wemix tokens every time we login
Also, it’s inexpensive it values only 22.996
As of now, it says, “Cannot purchase because you don’t have enough WEMIX tokens”
Why is that? Where do our earnings go every three hours?
Now, let’s go to Wemix token
You’ll see it on our main menu
As you can see right here, our earnings are here at Klaytn wallet
What we’re going to do is transfer it to the Wemix wallet
For us to purchase the gift box, all we have to do is click on
Send my Wemix tokens to my Wemix wallet
And right here you’ll see your balance
and you can enter the amount that you want to transfer to your Wemix wallet
Now, I’ll be transferring 100 Wemix tokens
You’ll have to input your password
It’ll be loading and that’ it
We’ve transfer it
Now, let’s go back to the shop
and we’ll finally be able to buy our gift box
The next step is to confirm your purchase
and since you now have a balance you can click on OK
Every time you purchase here at Wemix they’ll be asking you your password for verification
There it is! Purchase successful
And I’ve purchased multiple gift boxes until I finished my Wemix tokens
The more you purchase, the higher the chance of winning you have
Now it’s time to open our gift boxes
All the gift boxes that we’ve bought went to the storage
I bought four of them
Click on open to open the gift boxes
There you go, here we have 424 Tornado
and we got a letter for the Bingo
Let’s open all the gift boxes that we bought
there you go, we have a letter L
Let’s open the other one
Here we have another letter
Once everything’s done our storage will be empty
Let’s go back to our events page
From our mission 1, we’ll see the letters that we got
I got two Ls, one O, and one K
To get more letters all you have to do is to log in every three hours to gain more Wemix tokens
purchase gift boxes, open all of them
and check the event page to see how much we’ve completed
because once we complete it 1,000 lucky winners will receive 40 Klay
Now, let’s proceed on our mission two
For mission three
It’s about the pre-registration, so how to pre-register?
So, we’ve already done it.
The game token and the tornado game token are the same thing
We receive the tornado game token every time we open gift boxes
As of now, I have 1,696 Tornado Game tokens
Now let’s go to the Game Token Exchange menu
In this Game Token Exchange menu, you can do a lot of things
You can buy and sell order, it’s like an exchange platform
You can exchange it with Wemix tokens
Let’s go back to Game token but now we have to go to Game Item exchnage
Here you’ll see the boxes and letters you’ve accumulated
and you can actually sell them to Wemix token
you can exchange it, that’s why you see its estimated value here at Wemix
You can sell if for example you have too many letters
You can sell it to users who are looking for the letters that you already own
Just enter the amount of the selling price
it’s on you on how much you want to sell it
But as of now, I’m going with the estimated value
Only that it has a 3% fee
Which is 0.12 that’s why its final value is 3.88 Wemix Token
When I clicked the sell button this is what popped up
It’s only the confirmation. You can sell as a Tornado game token.
Just click this
This page will show up, this is the item description
The selling price is 100 Tornado
Let’s sell it
We have to confirm
Let’s enter our password
There you go, K has successfully sold
That’s how you sell an item that it useless to you
You can sell it as a Wemix token and a Tornado game token
But first commercial
This is my question for this video’s giveaway
When you were a kid, what made you happy the most?
Comment down below your answer and we’ll pick the winner on our next video
Now, let’s go back to game token
Let’s go to Game token exchange
This is how to sell your Tornado game token to Wemix token
Enter the amount
Here you’ll see the Unit price of purchase
and its estimated value
20 game token with a value of 0.001 Wemix token each
and its estimated value is 0.02 Wemix token
Input your password and click on OK
This is the confirmation, let’s just wait
That’s it. The order has been placed successfully.
And you’ll find it in the order book
We’ll have to wait if someone buys it
You can cancel your trade by clicking on retrieve items
When you retrieve it, it warns you that there may be some changes with the Wemix value
If it’s fine with you, click OK
Let’s go back to the events page
You can see here the percussions of the event
You can read it for the reminders
Also, Wemix game token tornado alphabet and special characters used in the event are to be deleted when it’s over
Wemix network is just starting and this is their launching promotion
So better to participate before it’s too late!
Also, you’d be for sure interested in their games. Look at the lineup games they have.
Cryotornado is coming soon and a lot more
It’s really interesting because their games are really high-quality
They’re not simple mini-games
As of now, they still aren’t available in Google Play and AppStore
but they are coming soon
Besides the fact that you entertain yourself with their games
you also earn some cryptocurrencies since their games are blockchain
That’s all. Thank you so much for watching this video.
If you’ve enjoyed it, give this video a like
and subscribe to my channel
Click on my notification bell so that you’ll get notified whenever I upload
And don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel JhazeldeVera VLOGS. Okay.
So, have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!
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