Crypto Trading | Lesson #1 - Welcome | Free Course (2020)

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Interested in trading cryptocurrency but not sure where to start?
This free cryptocurrency trading course is exactly what you need!

Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency –

#1 – Welcome –
#2 – Exchanges & Altcoins –
#3 – Leveraged Trading Options –
#4 – Fundamental Analysis –
#5 – Buying Your First Bitcoin –
#6 – Technical Analysis –
#7 – Trading Tools –
#8 – Long & Short –
#9 – Bid & Offer –
#10 – Price Movement –
#11 – What Suits A Trader –
#12 – Slippage & Fills –
#13 – Why You Should Trade –
#14 – Support & Resistance –
#15 – What To Avoid –
#16 – What You Will Need –
#17 – Take The Next Step –

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Welcome, by now always figured that you’ve
gone through and you’ve watched the beginner
course and you’ve come into this next stage
of your cryptocurrency education. In this
we’re going to assume that you’ve already
gone through understand what Bitcoin is, to
a certain extent.
You understand the blockchain and also some
of the amazing opportunities that lie and
how it can really transform our lives going
forward. In this particular program, we’re
going to introduce you to how you can actually
take your local currency and purchase some
Bitcoin or other markets. We’re also going
to be going through and introducing you to
things like technical analysis, which is some
of the tools that I use as a trader to select
buy and sell points.
This course is really about how to get in
and how you can try and make some money from
this amazing new technology as it grows. That’s
the idea anyway, so sit back, enjoy, grab
a pen and paper because you’re gonna have
to do some work here, and let’s get ready
to go.
So obviously, we’ve been Relating blockchain
and Bitcoin to the rise of the Internet. Internet
3.0 is what it’s commonly called. And we understand
at this point that it is a technology that
can be built upon. So my question to you is
this, did you miss the.Dot Com Boom? I know
I certainly did.
I was too young to be involved in that market
at that time, and certainly didn’t have the
expertise, or understanding even the education
to really be able to take advantage of some
of those astronomical moves. And following
on from the boom was the bust. Some amazing
opportunities were to be had at that stage
as well.
Obviously, what you can see on the charts
behind me is some of those stocks moving up
and then back down. Now I believe that we
are in the position right now where there’s
still a lot of growth in this industry. So
we’re going to try and show you how to pick
what moves are going to come and what’s going
to be around for a long time.
Now we’re going to have a look at the chart
of Bitcoin. You can see how this technology
has absolutely gone gangbusters. Don’t forget
that as you watch this, this is still got
a long way to go is to get that mainstream
adoption that we believe that it will do at
some stage. Now, if Bitcoin’s not for you,
there’s many other markets that you can be
investing and trading in without having to
just put all your eggs in one basket and diversification
is certainly required.
And it’s a smart thing to be doing. The thing
with the internet is that there was a lot
of naysayers, a lot of people that said it
wouldn’t take off. But there’s not one single
person right now that I’m looking at that
wouldn’t take the trade of Amazon at $5. You
would take it now, that opportunity may have
been around when you were there to take advantage
of that.
Are you going to let another opportunity like
this potentially pass you by? Or are you going
to take action? The very fact that you’re
here watching this course is probably suggesting
to me that you’re more than likely going to
take action.
You understand what this space has potentially
to hold and grow and explode into something
quite phenomenal indeed. And you want to know
how you can get your slice of that action.
Don’t forget many of the greats in today’s
space were ridiculed. Bill Gates was ahead
of his time. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Richard
Branson, these visionaries that created things
that are truly amazing and transformed the
way that we do business and live our lives
They were dreamers. They might have been seen
as crazy. But they also made crazy profit.
Now, I’m not saying that we’re definitely
going to see the same sort of moves as we
did in the internet, all companies like that
come about, but I have a very high probability
viewpoint that we will see this occur over
So it’s up to us to be engaging up to us to
understand, learn, and be educated in just
how we can take advantage of what I believe
could be the most exciting opportunity of
our lifetime. You see, back in the internet
age, people were saying the emails would never
take off that it couldn’t buy things online
and have it sent to you from anywhere in the
world to your exact doorstep.
But guess what? It’s happened and you know
it’s happened. You see change comes, progress
comes, you can either be with it, or you can
be against it. You want to sit in the sidelines
or do you want to be involved. The very fact
that you’re here watching this right now suggests
that you want to be involved.
And we’re going to introduce you to exactly
how you can do that. Now again, relating back
to conversations that people were having about
the internet not working out, emails not taking
off and you being able to buy something haven’t
arrived on your doorstep for buy on your computer.
Those things were all pretty far fetched pretty
far flung. The conversations that we’re hearing
these days and if you’ve been watching any
of the major news channels, if you’ve been
reading up well within the newspapers or different
various publications around the world, you
will be starting to see the conversation of
Bitcoin and blockchain technology as a revolutionary
way to do business and transact globally.
One day everyone will be using Bitcoin one
day, everything on the blockchain will happen
seamlessly without us even knowing the blockchain
is being used. This is a conversation that
is happening today. Just the same as a conversation
about email was back in its day.
It’s time to take action. It’s time to move
forward. And if you think it’s right for you,
then let’s watch a bit further and I’ll show
you how to get involved. The Trader Cobb crypto
show talking business in blockchain.

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