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This Exodus Development Update goes over the new additions of Icon ICX, UMA token, new dapps in Exodus, and a new menu that allows you to claim rewards from staking.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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Exodus wallet

It’s that time again to pull out the spyglass
and take a look at what the Exodus developers
have been working on in the Lab.
Stick around for the Rundown.
The Exodus mobile wallet is a year old and
has come a long way since its humble beginnings
and there’s no indication of development
slowing down.
One often requested feature was to bring all
the assets from Exodus Desktop into Exodus mobile.
We’re happy to announce that achievement
has been unlocked.
You’re mobile and desktop wallets have complete
parity with each other and can be easily synced
from the advanced menu in your mobile wallet
or from the devices tab in the desktop settings menu.
You may be thinking to yourself, why did they release a mobile
wallet before that parity was complete.
The simple answer was to get Exodus into your
hands as quickly as possible while maintaining
the high quality you come to expect from an
Exodus product, then constantly improve with
every update.
We’re not stopping there though and you
can look forward to some pretty exciting things
coming from Exodus in 2020.
Like earning free crypto while you sleep. .
How do you like earning money from the funds
you already hold in your wallet?
Exodus desktop has added a new “Earn Rewards” drawer for coins that allow staking.
That’s right, you can earn crypto in Exodus.
If you’re holding any staking coins, click
the advanced menu in the top right corner
of the wallet to claim your rewards now.
The next generation of Exodus Desktop is here.
We silently added the new Exodus App nav layout
in March as a behind the scenes look at where
future development was headed.
The positive feedback we’ve received has
been overwhelming and now it’s time to bring
the new App Navigation front and center.
This is a pretty big change because we’ve
moved the sidebar layout to a top, menu-based
We did this to not only improve the wallet
layout but most of all to make room for future
applications making their home in your Exodus
Desktop wallet.
Along with the Portfolio, Wallet, and Exchange
applications, the first new app to join Exodus
is compound finance which allows you to earn
interest on your DAI while maintaining complete
control of your funds at all times.
This is just the beginning and you’ll see
many more apps appear in the near future.
Do you have to use the new Exodus wallet app
Not at all, you’ll always have the option
to use the classic layout but after trying
the new App nav layout, I’ll bet there is little
reason to go back.
If you would like to check it out, click “Settings”
and then Apps to toggle the App nav to on.
Let us know in the comments what you think
of the new interface.
Last but not least for this development update
is the addition of new assets on mobile and desktop.
ICON (ICX) is a project with aims to create
the most decentralized blockchain in the world
and similar to Cosmos is building a platform
for the interoperability of blockchains.
The addition of UMA has many potential future
Besides the token itself which name stands
for Universal Market Access, UMA is a platform
for creating synthetic tokens to track, well
anything and everything and then earning derivatives
based on what you think will happen in the
future with whatever data you’re tracking.
It’s kind of like a futures prediction market
with unique synthetic tokens.
If you want us to explain what ICON (ICX) and
the UMA project are all about, let us know
in the comments and we’ll be happy to make
a video for all interested subscribers.
Those are the highlights but not all of the
goodies Exodus has to offer in of our continuous
and rapid development cycle.
If you haven’t updated for a while, head
on over to Exodus.io to download the newest Exodus
desktop wallet or the App store or play store
to get Exodus on your iOS or Android devices.
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