Earn and claim free bitcoin in 4 ways 2020 (playcoin)

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Do you want to earn money online, work from home, extra income online, and earn free bitcoins or crypto currencies?? If yes, then
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Earn and claim bitcoin using this platform in 4 ways!
1.Earn at their BTC faucet
2. Earn playing Hi-Lo
3. Earn playing in Lootboxes
4. Earn huge bitcoin by making lootboxes
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Hello guys!
Good day to everyone.
Today we will be talking about a very new,legit and paying application.
Last week if you can still remember,
I have shared to you a video
about 2 applications named Claim Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wheel,
where in this 2 applications are both legit
and we have proof of their legitimacy,
The developer of the 2 apps is CLAIM BITCOIN NETWORK,
w/c is the same developer of this website
Again this is not an application but a website,
I’m actually excited to share this one to you,
so finished the video for you to know how to maximize our earnings in this site.
I know you will definitely like it,
therefore stay tuned and we will start exploring the website.
Do you want to earn online?
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to earn extra online.
So let’s click on the top left portion,
there you can see games,earn and more,
under the game section
we have loot-boxes,hi-lo,
under earn we have faucet,affiliate and invest,
under more section we have payouts and support.
So let’s go first to earn then click in faucet,
here guys you can earn as much as 0.01 btc,
the mechanics here is the same with cbn online,
just click the box saying “i’m not a robot”,
that’s a captcha guys
so there let’s tap parking meters then verify,
after that click on roll and claim.
So as you can see i got 13 satoshis,
so actually guys I was able to claim bigger amount here many times,
there are 128 satoshi,sometimes 1000 satoshis and the like.
So next is Hi-Lo,
so let’s click on Hi-Lo,
I know we’re quite familiar on how to play hi-lo
so I will not dwell so much time here,
because I want us to focus on Lootboxes
and on How to create Lootboxes
because there we can earn substantial amount.
So let’s go back to main screen and click on Lootboxes.
So click on the the top left portion and go to lootboxes,
so there you go,It says Play our lootbox game
where you pick what box to open.
So what you see in the first page are the lootboxes
created by the developers (claim bitcoin network)
You can see there the cost of box
and the maximum prize,or the prizes available.
For example cost is 5000 satoshi
and earn 500,000 satoshi,
If you will click view all 94 lootboxes,
you will see all the lootboxes created by the users of this platform,
so you can create your own lootbox,
I also created my own lootbox,
where you will set the box cost,
how many available boxes,and how much is the prize,
so this is the example of that lootboxes,
I will show you the one I created later.
So you can choose any of these boxes if you want to play here.
Just pick what lootbox you like to play
So lets try to open one,lets try “lucky me”
so the box cost is 200 satoshi
and you can win 500 satoshi,
there are 5 boxes that contains 500 satoshi,
10 boxes that contain 350 satoshis
and 75 boxes has zero,
so someone played here and only 82 boxes left,
so let’s try to play,let’s pick box 7
there you go,then click to open the box for 200 satoshi,
so there I got zero.
So you can play again and again
depending on the lootbox mechanics.
But more or less they are the same.
There are only 10 boxes.
So I will show you my created lootboxes,
By the way guys before you can create you own lootbox,
you have to invest atleast 20,000 satoshis.
So first let’s go to “invest”
then click on manage your lootboxes,
so these are my lootboxes.
I have 4 lootboxes.
As you can see the first two at the top is already completed.
The color green,3275 and 10800 satoshis are my profit.
So what I did there is just make a lootbox
someone played then I get my profit.
The other two is still on going,
its color red because those boxes don’t give a profit yet
because there are still lootboxes un-open.
For example is this one ,the box cost is 1,000
the total boxes is 20
and the potential revenue is 20,000 satoshi,
the lootbox created cost was 9200,
and the potential profit is 10,800 satoshi.
So it’s a great way of earning,
you just have to create our own lootbox and let others play,
just visit your account from time to time,
so again for you to make your own lootbox
you have to invest 20,000 satoshi,
20,000 satoshi is just small,
If you like,you just play on the app that I gave you last week
and if you already have 20,000 satoshi
then withdraw it to coinbase or coins.ph,
then transfer it here
so that you can create your own game,
because you can really get a substantial profit
if you create your own lootbox.
So if you will click on the top right portion,
click the deposit and if you like to deposit an amount
the minimum is 20,000 satoshis,
you can copy the QR code or the wallet address
you will deposit the btc here,or just use the QR code
Actually this is a great site
if you are one of the owner of the lootbox,
its unlimited earning,
you can earn up to 10,000 in a day, so it’s up to you.
So now I will show you how to make your own lootbox,
Click on invest
then manage your lootboxes,
then click on create a new lootbox,
as you can see it says “What your lootbox called”
so that’s the name of your lootbox
so let’s put “Are you lucky today?”,
so you will be the one to decide
what name and description,
so it’s like you are the developer of the game.
So let’s put are you lucky today?
Then let’s put the lootbox description.
“Try your luck with these boxes.
There you go
And win some prizes.”
You can put there whatever you like
just make it more engaging to the players.
Then I usually put zero on that portion,
it means they can play over and over again (unlimited)
and pick whichever box he/she want.
So how much should your lootbox
so you’re the one to decide,
So I will put 1000,then in total prize,
thats your prizes,let’s put 5,
or let’s just put 1 box with 5000,
5 boxes contains 3000.
so if you want to have an additional set of prizes
just click on “add another new prize”
If you will make your lootbox,its not good to be greedy,
let’s also give the users a good chance
to gain some profit,
because on our side we already have a profit on those lootboxes,
so let your game be engaging.
So I’m done making a lootbox,
so we have 1 prize that contains 5,000,
3 prizes that contains 3,000 satoshis,
3 boxes contains 2,000
and 2 boxes that contains 1,500 satoshis
and there are 41 boxes that contains zero,
a total of 50 boxes,so again it’s 50 boxes in all,
and at the buttom part says create this lootbox for 26,450 satoshi,
then our potential profit is 23,550 satoshi,
see it’s a great way of earning,
just make a lootbox,someone will play,
when you go back and check your account there is already a profit,
so lets click create lootbox for 26,450 satoshis,
okay let’s click it,there it’s still loading.
It says This lootbox is still pending,
because they will check your lootbox first before approval,
but usually it will be approved and be active within the day,
then it can be seen and played by other users.
So again if you will make a lootbox,
make it more engaging,
a not so small prize,just enough,
because on our side again we already have a sure profit,
give the user a chance to get a good prize.
So we’re done,so indeed it’s a great way to earn
by making a lootbox.
Other makes 500 boxes,
others 10,100,50 boxes,your are the one to decide
what’s the mechanics of your lootboxes,
so as you can see that’s the one I made ” are you lucky today?”.
So those are my lootboxes
and I already earned in those lootboxes.
So let’s click on the top right portion and there,
my balance is now that much
because I used most of it in making a lootbox.
So for me the best way to earn here is investing 20,000 satoshi.
So here you can see the last 10 payouts
,by the way the minimum payout
if you withdraw your balance,so again
the minimum payout is 0.001 bitcoin
and a transaction fee of 0.00003 bitcoin.
Then put your btc wallet address and click on withdraw bitcoin.
And it will be given to you if you already have the minimum amount.
So what are you waiting for,
go to the pinned comment
the link of the website is posted there,
by the way the name of the website is Playcoin,
So enjoy unlimited earning of bitcoin.
And don’t forget to subscribe,
like and hit the notification bell for the upcoming videos.
Thank you so much and Godbless.

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