Earn at Home with Coastal City and Bitcoin Farm Game

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COASTAL CITY Real Estate Investment Game – build your own city and make money on it.
REGISTER: [Exit Scam, Do not Invest]

REGISTER: https://bit.ly/BitcoinFarmGame

2:20 – Top Earning Site Lists
5:08 – Coastal City Proof of Withdrawal
6:05 – Mining Game Proof of Withdrawal

8:58 – Coastal City Live Gold to Silver Conversion
10:40 – Coastal City Building Purchase
12:00 – Coastal City Live Withdrawal

15:30 – Mining Game Overview
20:38 – Mining Game Live Withdrawal

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Hello everyone, welcome back again to chiuya.com’s Living The Trend Youtube Channel
Living The Trend Youtube Channel
How are you guys doing?
I hope you’re doing ok
Today is March 29th, Sunday
10pm in the evening… so just bare with me if i look sleepy
Today I’ll be showing you 2 websites
where you can earn extra income
while on quarantine
so without further ado
here’s the website
I’ll be showing you
Coastal City
and Mining Game

I already created a video for Coastal City before
for further details
on how to do this game
just check out that video
the other website is
Bitcoin Farm
Both of these websites
are FREE
Upon registration
you will be given
FREEBIES to start the game
at the same time you are given an option to invest
to earn faster with bigger daily returns
I’ll talk about these 2 today
For other income earning websites
I created a website and compiled a list
of my Top 5
the name of the website is chiuya.com

here i’ve listed my
top income earners
additional stream of income
third stream of income

i usually update this regularly
every time i do withdrawals

here i’ve listed my top 5
you see Bitcoin Farm and Coastal City
and some other websites
where you can also earn
but for this one
investment is required
this one is a revenue sharing site
this one is a cloud mining site
you might wanna try this one too
Honeygain… but it’s a slow earner.

Honeygain is like sharing your internet’s bandwidth to the Company
at the Company will pay you back
for the bandwidth
that you have shared

Honeygain paid me…
once every 2 months
I can withdraw $20
this is very easy!!!
just install the app
better if you use a PC
since it earns pts faster
compared to a smartphone
i’ve already tried this on my smartphone
and earning is really slow
better to install on PC
so just visit the site
since today i can’t withdraw on Honeygain…
I’ll be talking about Bitcoin Farm and Coastal City

if you like Honeygain
fee free to download the application to your PC
this is completely FREE… no investment required
so let’s go back to
the main subject for today
which is Coastal City
and Mining Game
since i’ll be making my withdrawals today
i’ll show you my withdrawals

my last withdrawal here was…
2 days ago… usually every 2 days i can withdraw…
less than $1
its not that bad right?

its FREE money… so i don’t see why not 🙂
my last withdrawal was March 27th
2 days ago…
i’ve withdrawn $0.60

and… for the Mining Game…
i’ve withdrawn…
by the way… Mining Game is a Russian website
just right click on your Google Chrome browser

and click Translate to English
Lets check Mining Game…

Lets check my last withdrawal on Bitcoin Farm…
I like Bitcoin Farm better since it gives better rewards… if your diligent

my last withdrawal was March 27th also…

with the amount of $0.77
to my Payeer account

so lets withdraw first…
Coastal City

lets check the Bonus
i’ve already claimed it.

ok… so let’s collect the points

hmm… 300 more need to purchase

i think i will show you how to purchase

since i almost have 20k already…

now these points here has accumulated… by constantly collecting
everyday… i collect them

now lets try to convert gold pts to silver pts first
before I withdraw…
and purchase a new building
lets go to exchange…

lets convert 300 gold
306 is the equivalent silver
I will convert 300 worth of gold into silver so my silver will reach 20k
here we go…
306 silver equivalent from 300 gold
gold for silver…
lets exchange… 300 to 306… ok
ok…! i can purchase now a new building
so i haven’t deposited any additional money
all i did was… collect… and…
surf ads…
just surf ads…
then you will earn gold points…
everytime you do this…
just click here…
after a couple of seconds… usually
this one is after 30 seconds
then you will earn the equivalent points
that is if you’re diligent and have the patience to view ads…
lets purchase the 20k building…
small elite house…
buy… worth 20k silver
so we have successfully purchased the new building
ooops i forgot to look at the increase on…
… the daily income
lets place the building
click the purchased building… and
lets place it here.
alright!… we now have the new building
additional earnings 🙂
ohh! daily income has increased now… from .01110…
now it’s .0123…
mmm… increased a few cents 🙂
at least every 2 days we earn from it…
lets check back again my withdrawals…
withdrawn amount is increasing each time… from 0.5
everytime i gather silver points…
i immediately purchase…
next stop is…
withdraw the remaining amount… 4121 gold
is equivalent to 52…
im targeting $0.51
pin.. i’ll just cover this up
so i guess that’s it…
once i made the withdrawal…
it will then be displayed here… to my Payeer
lets go to my Payeer
lets login first…
so we can check…
if how much was… added.
now i have $9.78
withdraw 0.51
withdrawal successful….
ok… .51
how much was it?… 9.78
lets refresh
so this will become… $10.20 more or less
ok.. so that’s it for Coastal City
we have made a withdrawal…
as well as purchased a new building…
lets refresh
cool right.
so this is FREE MONEY…
no one will give you .51
but if you like to earn bigger
put some money on it
so let’s say for example
you can buy the most expensive building they have
this is worth…
the one we just purchased was…
20k silver… small elite house
worth $2.54
ROI will be…
within 74 days
if you have that extra cash…
go ahead.
supermarket.. this is worth USD 162
and ROI in 64 days…
that is if you have the extra
but for FREE Users.. you still can do this.
if you’re diligent enough
do the surfing daily
gather points… that’s it… then repeat
and withdraw..
So that’s it for Coastal City.. lets go to Mining Game
we will also do withdrawal here.
now what is Mining Game…
mining game…
this is just an overview… i will just create a detailed video on this…
im now showing the Russian page …
since the English counterpart is a bit buggy on display

but i already got used on where to click
if someone ask… how will i earn from it?
to those who have background on…
bitcoin mining.. on how it works..
this is virtually similar to that…

this is the purchase button

here at Bitcoin Farm, you will purchase…
graphics card.
it’s used for farming…
this is the cost.
this number here is
the amount of graphics card I have in my farm

hold on.. i’ll show you something
a table…
which i created…
based on the exchange rate of

Roubles to USD

X1 is the graphics card

term or model name
now if you would like to earn $7.0 per day

you need to buy this X10
graphics card
worth $140
ROI is…
in 20 days.. you’ll get your money back

that is if you would like to invest

but if you don’t want to invest…
just be diligent
and do the surfing of ads…

surfing is located here… the BONUS.
surfing here in Bitcoin Farm is better…
since it gives higher points

and plenty of ads to view… see!!
just click click

usually you will spend an hour if you do the entire ads

everyday.. you can gather approximately 800 to 1000 purchase points
and those points…
you can use it to purchase graphics card.

but for me… saving the points and purchase the more expensive ones

this is my farm…
this is the purchase…

these are what i have in my farm…
so now what well do is to collect what they have mined.

this one is the collect button
this is the withdrawable amount

we can’t withdraw 92 since its too small…
now lets collect…

so i have collected…

so half of the total mined pts will go to PURCHASE and half will go to…
so.. half is 7000…

we have already collected… now lets withdraw

my last withdrawal was…
March 27…

wow!! amount is getting bigger

so lets withdraw 7493

to my Payeer USD account

lets check the least amount

i guess this is the Russian for successful withdrawal…

see!!! now I have $11+

so if you like to try the game…
go ahead and register… it’s all FREE

check the sites.. maybe something might interest you…

I have also a guide…
if you’re new to all of these..
I placed a guide on the things you will need… like Digital Wallet
Your device…
and… earning sites and apps.
lets click.. just an overview

so far all here are paying sites.
I remove all the troubled sites

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