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This video shows how to earn bitcoin with no investment in any country(Worldwide) and how to make free cash with it.
I talked about two apps in this video crypto tab and Bituro and these two apps have different earning methods. Crypto tab will pay you to search the web and bituro will pay you to answer questions, watch videos and answer questions. I also showed a way to double your earnings with these two apps.
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what’s up guys jeff back here with
another amazing video and in this video
I’m gonna be showing you a way to get
free bitcoin and before you go over to the
comment section and tell me there’s no
way to actually get free Bitcoin I mean
that’s just because you’re not gonna
watch this videos to the end so I’m gonna
advice you to watch this video to the
end so you actually know what I’m
talking about how to get Bitcoin for
completely free these two apps are gonna
literally pay you to do simple things
and as usual the more work you put in
the more money you’re gonna be making
from this method so ya put in all you’ve
got so you make more money from this
method so another question you guys
always have is that is this legit and is
it available worldwide and yes it’s
legit I’m using this apps myself and
it’s available to a ton of countries and
the first app is also paying out through
a ton of other payment options so
incase you’re not into Bitcoin for some reason
you could try those out and if you stay
to the end of this video I’m gonna be
showing you guys how to actually double
your earnings with these two apps so if
you’re making $5 I’m gonna show you a
to double it to make it $10 and if you’re making
$10 I’m gonna show you it’s double to
make it $20 so guys the first app is
available to both iOS and Android
devices and this app will literally pay
you to download other apps, visit
websites and answer simple questions I
mean now what does one get paid to
answer questions the second app is
available to Android devices iOS devices
PCs and I’m not really sure about the Mac and
this app would literally pay you to
leave the app installed on your PC and
as I said before it’s literally free
Bitcoin so before we get into this
mainly let me know in the comments
section which one you guys actually
prefer do you want to get paid to answer
questions or do you want to get paid to leave an
app installed on your device and let me
also know in the comment section what
country you’re in
so I provide you guys more content with
more apps that work in your countries
so guys this is the first app over here
and as you can see the name of this app
is called bituro and I mean if you’re
gonna click off this video simply
because you know the name of the app
right now I mean that’s gonna be on you
because as I said before I’m gonna be
showing you a way to double your
earnings with this two apps so if you wanna
make some extra cash stay for some more
and watch these video to end or
something so over on the website over
here as I said before to go get paid to
install other apps you get paid to watch
videos and you could get paid it’s
complete simple surveys and you’re going
to be redeeming your points that you
earn through PayPal, Bitcoin, ethereum
tokens or gift cards whichever one you
prefer there are a lot of options over here for
you guys and if you click over here show
all offers and click that real quick
it’s loading up so this app is gonna
literally pay you to install the app
itself I mean if that doesn’t convince
you that this app is one of the best out
there I actually don’t know what will
so as I said before also this app is
available to all countries and it’s
written in bold over here so as you can
see bituro Android app all countries bituro iPhone app all countries so
Android and iOS you could get this app
and any country you’re in you could also get
this app and when you go over to shop
over here you can see a bunch of gift
cards you could actually redeem your
points for let that load up so Bitcoin,
paypal here you can redeem your points
for Amazon gift cards Google Play gift
card Starbucks gift cards and target
gift cards and over here you could also
refer your friends and guys I mean that
that’s one of the best things any apps
like this could actually offer and now
over to some reviews on the Play and App
Store if you go over here you could see
boots row over here as 4.2 star ratings
from over 4,000 people and that is great
so over 4,000 people are actually using this
apps and you guys know when you download an app
from the Play or App Store, you
don’t actually reviews so I’m sure a lot
more people are actually using this apps and
has 4.2 star ratings over here
and the first review over here has five
stars and this is this from June 3rd
2020 so you guys know it still really
great it’s still working up to this
period now over to the App Store here
let me click on that and this app has
4.6 star rating out of five from
different amount of people so you can
see the first three reviews over here
have five star ratings so I’m gonna read
one out real quick so awesome I earned
$1 after I downloaded the app and I
cashed out just to see if you worked and
sure enough the next day like I said It
arrived to my PayPal so you guys see
this this guy literally downloaded the
app and got $1 immediately and it
arrived in his PayPal the next day so
you guys could come over here read more reviews
about this app and I don’t know visit
their website we just go over to google
and type in bituro and you’re gonna get
their websites over from Google so dis
their websites over here yeah so that’s
pretty much is for this app it’s simple
you get paid to do a bunch of simple
things and get paid through Bitcoin
PayPal and gift cards so guys the second
app we’re gonna be looking at is called
crypto tab and I know a ton of you guys
know about this app already and before
you over to the comments section and
tell me that this app you you earn kind
of slow with it the truth is that you are
doing something wrong so like every
other GPT website or app out there you
earn more money by actually referring
more people so the more referrals you
have the more money you’re actually
going to be making so with crypto tab
the truth is that the more referrals that
you have to more money you’re gonna make
and before you go to the comment section
and tell me once again how am I gonna
get referrals that’s what i’m gonna show you
at the end of this video how to double
your earnings by actually having more
referrals so stay to the end of this
video and I’m gonna show you how to
actually get more referrals so guys over
on the website right here as you can see
earn bitcoins while using your browser
crypto tab is the first browser with
built in mining features less you earn
cryptocurrency just by visiting websites
watching videos or chatting online
tries new crypto tab with improved my
algorithm mine ups eight times faster
compared to the Google Chrome extension
so as you guys can see this is something
you guys already do on a daily basis you
go over to Google to do a bunch of stuff
on the internet and you’re not getting
paid to do that with this browser you’re
actually gonna get paid to do this and
you get this on your iOS and Android
devices and you also get this on your PC
and Mac so come over here below here you
could download this in your windows
get this on your Google Play Store and gets it
in the App Store to come read more about
this on the website so guys as I told
you before the more referrals you
actually have the more money you’re
gonna be making and crypto tab is
going to it’s gonna reward you for every
referral that you actually bring in so
actually it’s over here we’re gonna pay
you for each invited user and for
friends they will lead so crypto tab is
going to pay you for each invited user
that you bring in and every time the
user you invite invites a friend you’re
gonna get paid for that also so it’s up
to a 10 level you could see that over
here you show your personal link with your
friends and that’s the level one then
they invite their friends and those
friend invites your friends and those
friends so it goes on and on and on up
to 10 levels and once people keep on
inviting their friends and inviting
their friends you’re gonna be earning
more you’re gonna be the first person
under the tree getting more money from
this so you guys could come calculate
this over here so let’s say you invite
um I don’t know 10 people and as I said
before I’m gonna show you how to invite
even up to a hundred people all at once
fast and easy so if you invite up to 10
friends and those 10 friends invite
five people you calculate your income
and let’s see if that’s over here so 10
friends over here first one you’re gonna be
earning $6 50 friends $20
250 friends $50 over and
over again so you guys could make big
bank with this simple method so you
could start right away
share your personal link with your
friends they use they’ll link your links
to get to crypto tab browser and you
receive a percentage from their earnings
and every user they invite you could also boost
your Bitcoin income by cloud mining and
stuff like that come over here to read
more two in one solution browse and mine
at the same time ease
sink your browser data on multiple
devices built in mining algorithm with
speed adjustments 10 level referral
system that’s what I love most about
this app payouts straight to BTC wallet at
anytime so the minimum for their payouts
is really really low and you do not need to like
work forever before you could actually
get paid and you could get more than one BTC
develop the network and get your rewards
so guys that is crypto tab and now for
some reviews and I know you guys always
want to see that so you know if the app
is actually legit so guys over on the
Play Store as you can see on my screen
right now this is the pro version of
crypto tab and do not freak out there’s
also a free version the basic version
but a pro version as the name implies
has some more features you guys could
use to earn faster and the pro version
over here has 4.4 star ratings from over
6,000 people and I mean not everyone is
really satisfied with this app but as of
right now they’ve launched some new
updates and some more features to the
app so you guys could earn faster and
use the app without complaints and all
those things so the pro version over
here has 4.4 star ratings out of 5 and
let’s go over to the basic version which
is completely free and this the basic
version over here has 4.1 star ratings
from over 42,000 people and that is a
lot guys and the PC version I’m not sure
which to check the ratings for that but
yeah the PC version is also pretty good
that is one I’m using myself and as I
said before I’m gonna show you at the
end of this video how to actually
maximize your earnings with this app so
over to the App Store I’m sure you guys
are always pretty sure the app store
because I mean Apple makes sure that
every app that gets into the App Store
is actually legit so over here you can
see this app on the App Store has 4.3
star ratings from over 300 people that is
not too bad and as you can see the
reviews over here this one has four
stars five stars and five stars again so
better than Safari best app just needs
to be fixed great app requires more work
so that is very very good this app has
good ratings as you guys can see so guys
over here we’re at the crypto tab
PC application and the first thing you
notice that I’ve really not earned
anything valuable with this and before
you go over to the comment section and
say I’m showing you guys something that
doesn’t actually work I just got this
app and I mean I’m just I just started
mining a little bit before this video
and for the sake of this video I
actually got 33 referrals with the
method I’m gonna be showing you if you
stay till the end so you earn more money
so as you can see over here mining
Network 33 and you also turn on cloud
boost if you want to increase your
earnings if you want to mine faster but
that’s gonna you have to pay some money
to actually get that feature I’m not
sure if it’s actually profitable if
you’re gonna get earn more if you pay
for cloud boost but you guys come over
here and try that so you can see your
statistics over here how much I’m BTC to
USD is um how much you’ve mined your
affiliates mined and all those other
stuff and when you come over here you
could grab your links somewhere here so
yeah the link is gonna be over here so
you could grab that and actually use
that to invite more people with the
method I’m gonna be showing you and if
you google to affiliate dashboard real
quick over here over here you see the
same thing how much you’ve actually
might have combined with how much
affiliates have actually earned for you
and over here as you can see I have four
active miners as of right now so four
people actually mining for me so if you
stay to the end of this video and I show
you this method you don’t you you
actually don’t need to use this app you
could close the app and let other people
work for you and when they’re done with
mining you could come over to the app
withdraw and let them mine some more
for you so it’s a golden app it’s a
golden method and i’m gonna be showing
you guys how to do that pretty pretty
soon so there’s also this over here
orange pile links or something and you
actually get paid more for this section
for referrals you guys could also come
check that out and in me i I am actually
my referral link in the description or
something if you guys wants to use it so
over now to the method on how to get a ton
of referrals fast and easy all you have
to do is go to
let that load up real quick and over on this
website I have mentioned it a ton
times in my videos this website is
golden I use this for a ton of things
and yeah if you haven’t watched my
previous video on how to actually make a
ton of money on Instagram where I showed
a method on how you could use guest
referrals and Instagram to make a ton of
money go watch that now to maximize your
earnings because I mean you can’t just
use only one method and make a ton of
money you have to use a lot of methods
to actually make a lot of money so
scroll down over here and what you have
to do on this website is click over so
you can actually click over at on mobile
app download or computer program
software download so it depends on where
you want your referrals to actually get
their app from so if you want your
referals to download the app on their
mobile phone you could buy referrals
from here and if you want them to
download it’s on their PC you could get
referrals from here so if you click over
a mobile app download you could buy as
low as 25 referrals if you don’t want to go big
but the truth is that I as I said before the more
referrals you have the more money you’re
gonna be making so for instance if you
go over here and buy a hundred referrals
you’re gonna get up to I don’t know 50
active miners and these people are gonna
keep on mining bitcoin every single day for you
and eventually you’re gonna get the
amount of money that you spent on this
referrals back I don’t know if you guys
could actually understand that but the
main thing here is the more referrals you
have the more money you’re gonna be
making and that is pretty much it for
this video guys if you enjoyed this
video go leave a comment with your
questions leave a like on this video hit
the red subscribe button and while
you’re there turn on notifications so you
get updates that every time I drop a new
video and do not forget to leave what
country you’re in in the comments so
I provide more amazing methods on how to
make money in your country specifically

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