How to Earn Bitcoin on DualMine + Withdrawal

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How To Earn Bitcoin on DualMine

1:19 – Proof of Earnings, reinvestment and withdrawal
2:34 – Dualmine Overview
12:20 – Actual Dashboard
12:30 – Promotion Section
13:36 – For any issues, file a Ticket
14:05 – Creating New Contract
15:52 – Applying Promo Code for new Contract
17:48 – Reinvesting earned coins
18:55 – Earning Forecast for Current Active Contracts
20:34 – Converting earned coins to other coins
22:07 – Live Coin Conversion
23:40 – Live Withdrawal
25:17 – Payout Received

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Good morning, good afternoon and
good evening to all
how are you guys doing now while home quarantined? how are you all?
stay safe
i hope you’re doing ok and…
always wash your hands.
You’re in’s
Living the Trend, Youtube Channel
so, today i’ll be showing you…
with risk
because you need something
to put up a certain amount
to boost up your
earnings. So before I introduce you
the website, I’ll show you first
earnings so far…
September of last year.
The company has been around
since 2018… i guess.
late 2018
and fortunately they’re still paying ’til now.
let me show you what…
I’ve earned so far
I’ll be showing you a separate one.
the actual dashboard of the site.
but for this
I created my own table
so I will have a reference
to the USD equivalent
on that earning
ok. this is it.
My last withdrawal was on…
28th of March
amounting to $22
then March 6, I had
this column is all withdrawals ok
and then February 18…
which is $7.6… and so on
so my trick here was…
i did a…
compounding trick.
which is to
and withdraw… reinvest…
withdraw… reinvest.. and so on…
to get higher returns
in the long run.
so what’s the name of the site?
the name of the
so Dualmine is a cloudmining platform
or a cloudmining service
omg. what the heck is
cloud mining
just a brief overview about
mining… in the cryptoworld
mining is like
a service or a term used
to help verify a crypto transaction
and after verification
of that certain crypto transaction
it will then be recorded to the blockchain
and in return… you will be rewarded
for doing that work
so anyway… i won’t be discussing here
about bitcoin mining
for newbies…
who’s new and don’t understand about bitcoin mining
just search youtube for.. “what is bitcoin…
this one.
at least you’ll get some
overview about what is bitcoin mining
compared to the actual
fiat currency.. or the traditional
way of
transfer of money
so lets go back to Dualmine
works similar to the actual
bitcoin mining
the only difference is
in here.. on this cloudmining
platform… you can purchase by portion… little by little
for small investors or small
miner wannabees, like me
this is perfect. so instead of assembling…
the actual hardware or rig
for mining… which is very
expensive. Here at Dualmine
we can start
cryptocurrency mining, without the hassle of…
assembling, purchasing
the miner
ok so let’s go back
to Dualmine
this is the site.
How can we start with Dualmine?
#1 of course is to register
registration is FREE
upon registration
you will be given
100 gh/s
for free
to start
but that power is too little
if you’re just a free user, and you’ll just depend
on the
free 100 gh’s… it will take you a year…
before you can make a withdrawal
so better to…
an initial capital
after registration, choose your coin…
hashpower, depending on your budget
so after deciding the…
and the type of coin you wanted to mine
…there’s lot of coins by the way
it’s not only 1 or 2
it’s more than that
their flagship coins were only 2
and Ethereum
but for now, after we log in to our dashboard
we will see that Dualmine has improved
since they have increased the number of coins to mine… which is GOOD!
if you might ask
whats Bitcoin and Ethereum. Those are…
it’s not only 1 or 2
there are lots of coins
now for Bitcoin…
if we compare it to actual cash
we can have this as
Peso for example
and Ethereum will be
the dollar
that’s just for example
but as cryptocurrency, they are named that way
Bitcoin and Ethereum
So after choosing your hashpower
lets go to…
pay for the
chosen hashpower cost
so after that…
the contract usually starts
depositing payment
mining will start immediately
you can the profit on the dashboard
is.. you will be receiving daily your mined coins.
You can see all of the status of your mined coins on the dashboard
and by the way… every now and then..
they have promotion on their FB page
if you’re timing is good and…
you jumped in during a promotion
like today, they just have the anniversary
they’re giving X6
so if you start and invest today
you buy your hashpower
they will give you 6 times of that hashpower
that you purchased. sounds great right!
but these promotions are
for limited time only
Usually they give
X5… But they just had their
anniversary celebration
so they’re giving away 6X
ok.. “Why Us”
now let’s go to
the cost
or the power
calculation and the profit
on how much we will earn here
and how many month before ROI
so lets say for example we chose Bitcoin
Select Bitcoin as the coin to mine.
and decide for…
lets say $100
$103 worth of hashpower
so the hashpower equivalent
will be
so after paying the amount
this will immediately start
and the freebies
usually follows after
24 to 48 hrs
the $103
worth of Bitcoin hashpower
will give you
$.76 per day
#22.87 per month
that’s already good right? compared to just letting your money
sleep at the bank right?
always use or risk only your Extra money
because these kind of platforms
are…considered HYIP since
they’re paying more than
the percentage offered by the bank.
that’s HYIP
meaning High Yield Interest Platforms
ok, so…
$103 you’ll earn
per month
and ROI
will be… 103 divided by
22.8 per month
within 4.5 months.. you’ll get your…
which is $103. that is if…
you did it straight
without compounding
to reinvest, withdraw
reinvest… withdraw.
so that’s for Bitcoin ok
minimum here is $7.36
that’s the minimum for Bitcoin
but it will take you awhile
to withdraw
because they have minimum withdrawal requirements
which is 0.04 BTC
.04 bitcoin
.04 btc is around $30… or less than
or $27
so you can’t withdraw if you have below than that
so better
if you will start
if you wanna try Dualmine
if you have the extra cash.. or higher
the better
so you can
withdraw early
moving on.
this is there CEO
and here
are the most commonly mined coins
bitcoin cash
and doge coin
I’m currently mining… Doge coin
and Bitcoin
so its all up to you
which coins you prefer to mine.
so let’s go to my
ok I’m in my Dashboard right now.
in here
this part will show you the current promotion
from time to time the will post here
it’s better if
like this one here
currently on X6
This is a perfect time to start
since they still have the X6
i’ll show you the payout
earlier.. i’ve shown you an excel table
with the USD value
click on payout
here’s a similar list
i placed the actual
dollar value here
so i don’t have
to convert
every withdrawal will depend on the current exchange of that coin.
so this is for
my payout
“Tickets”… if you have problems
Just click “Tickets”… create new
so far they are very
if there’s any concerns
these are the lists of my concerns.
all of it were answered…within 24 hours
since they are on a different timezone
within this dashboard
if you decide to try
and invest
a certain amount
click the Create New Order
and choose a coin
that you prefer
if you’re in the Philippines
you have
you can choose Bitcoin
Bitcoin Cash
and Ethereum
since those coins are available on wallet
and how to withdraw…
there are lots of options
You can choose encash
at Palawan Express
or Bank transfer
7/11, M Lhuiller
if you use
so in here
you will create your order… if you have decided
to start
earlier I gave you a $100 example
slide to around $100
wooh.. value has changed to $102
all the rates here
for the selected hashpower… will depend on the
current exchange
of the coin
it will go up and down
so.. lets go to mine Bitcoin
after selecting
don’t forget about the promotion
the X6 promotion
don’t forget about that.. since you will be asked
for a promo code…
you should take advantage of it.
to see again the…
promo code… just go to…
“Profits” … we’ll get back to this later
just scroll down.. you’ll see the promo code.
your promo code is… this one
just copy that… copy
then get back to the order
we created.
click “Pay”, so it will open the recent order we made
then click on promo code… right click
and then..
click “Activate”. so that’s for the promo code.
and how do we pay
for the $102 order… if you have the wallet
or Exodus wallet. There are lots of wallet available
You’ll find the links down on the description below for different digital wallets that you can use.
if you’re in the Philippines. Choose
since Cash In and Cash Out options are easily accessible
so this is the Bitcoin address
where you will send your funds
so just go to your… copy this address… paste.
then copy the amount.
this is the bitcoin equivalent
for the $103 order you made.. so just copy it.
copy this also
and then send
then wait for a few confirmations… and your
first order will then be activated.. first contract
so every contract…
every hashpower that you will purchase
is considered as 1 contract… which is good for…
so we’re done with the order
i’ll just cancel this one
I won’t be purchasing today (smiles)
I’ve shown you the payout
now here…
this is for the compounding part
they call this
as Reinvest
lets say for example you have already started that $100
contract… then you have earned
0.04 btc
you can then reinvest
just select the Reinvest link… select your coin.
bitcoin… and then
it automatically updates
the power equivalent
of the amount you will reinvest
minimum for bitcoin is 0.04 btc
if you’ve earned 0.04
click on reinvest
then you will be given 367 Gh/s hashpower
additional from your
first contract
of you have reinvested when there’s a promo…
the 367 Gh/s hashpower
will also be X6… ok moving on…
we have the profits
in here…
will be shown
all your profits for every coins
you mined
lets say…
that $103 contract
it will be displayed here
that bitcoin contract
that you have
for example, in here…
all contracts
will be X6 plus…
a separate CRT contract
1 CRT is
equivalent to $1… i think
oh it’s here! 1 CRT is worth $1
and the minimum requirement to withdraw is
if you accumulate 30 CRT
you can withdraw CRT
So you will have another $30
hmmm.. this one is new.
my profit…
i just saw this one…
If you don’t have an account on…
hmm.. i won’t transfer it.. yet
I’ll just convert CRT in here
since they have
conversions here
your can convert your CRT profits
into bitcoin
exchange… i haven’t touch on this much
and then convert… in here
lets say for example you have
a different mined coin contract
like Doge coin
and you wish to convert you mined Doge into…
you can do that…
they just have a small fee
so now…
lets try to convert… i’ll show you how to convert
and we’ll also do withdrawal today

here on my mined Doge, i now have more than 1000
since 1000 is the minimum
i will convert Litecoin
into Doge coin
then I will
withdraw Doge coin
to my wallet
not wallet by the way
i’ll send it
to my…
exchange wallet
where i can use to trade
since doesn’t have Doge wallet
so those are the basics.
lets proceed now to…
i’ll show you first the live conversion
i’ll convert
my Litecoin earnings
into Doge coin
then withdraw Doge to my wallet
k… lets go to convert
convert Litecoin
into Doge coin… Profit from Litecoin
Profit to Doge coin
the equivalent
will be…
Doge coin
Lets convert
all correct…
You’ll convert
.125 Litecoin and get
2600 Doge
coin… confirmed
so my Litecoin is now almost 0
and my Doge coin is now 3996
we will now withdraw
before that… lets check the current value
of 3996 Doge to USD
lets go to Coinmarketcap
select Doge coin
how much was it?
is equivalent to
at the current rate
tomorrow, this rate will be different
these changes for time to time
lets go to payout
and we will withdraw Doge coin
to my Doge wallet
create new
I will now select Doge coin to withdraw
which is 3996
but i won’t withdraw them all
for now
50 Doge coin will be the fee
so I will receive only 3900 Doge
so lets go ahead and create
see. Ive withdrawn 3950
fee is 50 Doge
and I will receive 3900 Doge
to this wallet address
my Bittrex wallet
lets go back
Please check all data and confirm….
Check your email and write the PIN
already forgot about this (smiles)
ok.. i’ll check my email
i now have my PIN
the withdrawal here would take around
24 to 48 hours
since they’re doing this manually
ok.. all info are correct
payout transaction created! the process may take up
to 48 hours. Please wait for confirmation
in here…
in my payouts
the recent withdrawal i made will be shown. which is still Pending
so after 24 hours, hopefully
funds will be credited to my Bittrex account
so.. hmm
i guess that’s mostly all of it
for the boring part (giggles)
k lets check
our new…
that’s it for Dualmine
if ever you have any questions, just comment down below
so i can answer you
and don’t forget to subscribe
i think the quarantine will be extended
i will be making couple more videos
so that you will be updated also.
thank you.

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